JCPS Tax Hike

Status of the JCPS Tax Hike – and Next Steps
We would like to get everyone up to speed on the status of our effort to put the JCPS tax hike to a vote last year. As you know, our petition was certified by the Jefferson County Clerk as having enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot. However, Judge Brian Edwards threw out the petition and prevented the votes from being counted. The teachers’ union, JCTA, was the biggest player in the lawsuit. The case now is before the Kentucky Supreme Court. All the briefs have been filed, and we are waiting for a hearing date. We are optimistic that we will win the lawsuit, because JCPS violated the law when it levied the tax. That is a matter of law, which doesn’t depend upon an examination of each petition signature, although we believe we met the signature requirement as well.
The property tax bills that we are receiving now include the amount of last year’s tax increase that we were trying to vote on, as well as this year’s tax, which also includes that increase.
We are pleased that the Kentucky legislature changed the law this year so, in the future, we will only need 5,000 signatures on a petition to put a school tax hike of more than 4% on the ballot to give the citizens a voice. That will discourage the school board from future large tax hikes.
It is clear that the current school board is arrogant and disregards the concerns of parents and taxpayers. JCPS is not putting our tax dollars to good use. That needs to change. A large coalition is forming to recruit good candidates to run for the four districts that are up for election next year – districts 1, 3, 5 and 6 – and to help a good slate of four candidates get elected. That could make a huge, positive difference for our children and our entire community.
Please consider whether you might be willing to run for school board and spread the word to other good people. Anyone who is interested in running, please get in touch with us. Thanks.
If you would like to make a non-deductible contribution to our effort, please go here. We appreciate all your help.
Theresa Camoriano

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